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Thank you for your interest in The Happy Ranch Horse Farm!
Please read the information provided below and ensure that you have supplied us with all the details we need to make your ride with us a truly memorable and personalised experience. Please email us confirmation of your booking once you have read this information.

What we need to know:
When you make a booking with us please ensure you supply us with the following:

   1. Your name
   2. Number of people coming riding
   3. The weight of each rider. Our horses and ponies have different weight limits. We have a maximum weight limit of 90kg / 200pounds / 14stone. Horse cart rides do not have a weight limit.
   4. Date you would like to ride and time preferred:
      Sunrise is approximately at 5:00 AM.
      Sunset is approximately at 6:00 PM
   5. Preferred length of trail ride.
   6. The prior riding experience of all people riding
      This is very important. It is your responsibility to accurately tell us your prior riding experience. Based on this information we will provide you with a suitable horse. Please don't tell us that riders are very experienced if they are not, it is dangerous for you and our horses.
   7. If you would prefer a Western or English style saddle. Western is strongly recommended for inexperienced riders.

Our Prices: (All our prices are per person)

Horse cart ride 1hour     (min. 2 people)     $17.00
Horse riding     1 hour     $28.00

Horse riding     2 hour     $46.00

Horse riding     3 hour     $59.00

Horse riding     4 hour     $69.00

    * Prices subject to change without prior notice
    * We accept cash in USD only

Our Horses and equipment:
We have horses that are suitable for all experience levels from placid ponies that are great for first time riders through to young lively horses for an experienced rider. Our horses have a maximum weight limit of 90kg or 200 pounds or 14 stone. We try our best to ensure that we give you a horse that is most suited to your experience level. All our tack comes from Europe and America. We have a wide selection of Western and English saddles.
What to bring:
    * Please wear appropriate clothing, preferably long pants and closed shoes.
    * Bring a camera.

On the day of your trail:
We can arrange for a tuk tuk pickup at your hotel for $3 to $5 one way trip. Happy Ranch does not cover transportation cost. We only help arrange it for you. Call 097 7920 002/016 920 002/012 920002, if you'd  like us to arrange transportation for you.  If you've organised your own transportation, you can also call the above numbers for directions to the ranch.

Please arrive about 15mins before your ride time so we can prepare you: 1) sign our release of liability form, 2) meet your trail guide, 3) provide you with basic riding instruction and be introduced to your horse. For your safety, we will required you to wear a helmet provided by Happy Ranch while riding, but if you do not want to wear one, we will require you to produce in writing in our waiver form stating your decision.

Please email us to confirm your booking and let us know if you have any further enquiries.

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