The Happy Ranch

Our Trail Rides

We can personalize any type of trail ride to suit your experience level. From first time riders to advanced riders, we have horses and trails for everyone.

Trail Rides 1/2 hour Children's lead ride - $20.00
For those who would like to get a feel for being on horseback or children this is an ideal introduction to horse riding. You get to ride around the Ranch with one of our trained stable hands assisting.


Village Ride (1 hour trail or lead ride ): $38.00
Admire the countryside by horseback and meet plenty of locals along the way as you ride through traditional Cambodian villages.


Countryside and village ride (2 hours): $60.00
ride our horses or ponies through the scenic rice fields and villages. See the real Cambodia. This is suitable for both beginners and advanced riders.


Temple ride (3 hours): $75.00
This trail ride will allow you to experience a unique side of Cambodia. Ride through the countryside and villages and see the real Siem Reap, Angkor. You will also be able to visit a temple where you can have a break and explore before continuing off the beaten track.


Complete Country Site (4 hours): $95.00
Immerse yourself in the Cambodian countryside and really get to understand how people live. You will ride through local villages where you can observe local craftsmen and farmers in the rice fields. You will get a chance to visit an Angkorian temple and then continue on to Wat Chedai a contemporary pagoda built on the foundations of a much older Angkorian structure.

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